Our Clients

Small Businesses and Startups

For small businesses and startups, outsourcing can be quite economical. Whether you need slight augmentation or total support, we offer a full range of services including but not limited to:
  • Network Design and Planning
  • Communications and Security
  • Outsourced Network Support


Network Design and Planning
We can build a network for you, from the ground up.
We have everything you need to create a new network, thanks to in-depth experience with technical design. In fact, we can integrate IT systems ranging from desktop and laptop computers to network fileservers, routers, bridges, and gateways, to telephony and video conferencing solutions. Our planning services also include multi-platform integration.


Design starts as soon as you have floor plans. We begin by reviewing the location, and layout of the network room, phone room, MDF, IDF and other infrastructure components - checking for completeness and overall "fit" with the facility.


Our technical professionals can coordinate all the necessary “pieces and parts” needed to bring your new network on smoothly. We identify all the components and build a detailed plan and timeline, so nothing is left to chance.


Communications and Security
Now more than ever, businesses rely on solid data communications. An interruption in email service can be a severe blow to a company. And, as broadband services such as DSL and T-1 become more available, this shift towards data communications accelerates, along with your reliance on it.


A solid security program is equally important to a successful business. This includes protection against viruses, outside intruders (hackers), and malicious employees.


All of which makes a move a perfect time to consider upgrading both your network and your firewall

Automation Trends understands communications and security and can assist you with evaluating, planning, and migrating to a faster more secure network system.


Outsourced Network Support
Feeling a bit stressed trying to keep everything running? Not sure how to organize your network administration or make sure things are being done correctly? Let us help. Our Automation Trends division offers a structured approach to managing your network. Along with the appropriate staff to help you get the job done. Part-time support may be all you need.


We can document the configuration of your system, provide appropriate supporting paperwork (checklists, logs, you name it), and periodically test the system. To be sure you're prepared for whatever problems may arise.


We can even handle requests from employees, for everything from software upgrades to solving network problems.